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Alford is Sofia's manners teacher. His lessons are mainly swordmanship lessons. This man is kinda lewd and he wont hesitate to touch the princess to adjust her positions (officialy).

He will order a sword for the princess, the Frost Angel.

Later, Lilina will discover that Alford is Dragon Cry father. She will also discover that Alford never forgive that Dragon Cry left his family, but also that his son is miss him...

Alford is also strict with his last son, Charles he want him to be a knight and nothing else. He asked to Empire's guards to not let him quit the city and even pressure everyone to be sure that they will never hire his son, no matter for what job it could be.

One day, Sofia will discover that Alford fap on his clothes. If the player choose to forgive him, Alford will have sex with the princess and become his secret lover, but this lewd attitude is due to the fact that Sofia look like his dead wife, Maria.

In Charles & Owen NTR sidequest, if Sofia dont give the anti love potion to Charles, this one will share Lilina's secret with Alford. Together, they will find a way to defeat Owen. Also, Sofia will become "Alford Family's Woman", the new Alford lover and Charles "mother". Alford will have some trouble to accept this but thanks to his son's hypnotism power, he will be more comfortable with this.

We also discover that Alford is kinda clever : the first time he saw Sofia, he had some doubts about princess's identity so he gave him the Frost Angel. This look like a common sword, but this is in fact a sealed sword : if a royal person wield it, his power will awaken. Since it was the case for Sofia, he aknowledge her as a royal person. That said, we dont know if this event occured because Lilina is in Sofia's body or if Lilina was a some royal person before she turned into Sofia...