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Here is a list of characters who can be found in the game:


Aisha Is an ex adventurer who becomes a parasite wife.

Alford is Sofia's manners teacher. He's also Dragon Cry and Charles father

Andi is a Sovereign of Beast who will take Sofia as his pet.

Anna Is a Magic Academy Student. She spends her time in the men's toilet to improve her magic by being a meatoilet.

Arianna is the previous spirit witch of Torres and the first one to become an Undead Witch


Barrock is the ruler of the Sacred Beast Land

Belen is Sofia's ettiquette teacher

Beryl The serial rapist and Lilina's archnemesis.

Bill Is a Prison employee who sells goods to prisoners if they gather money.

Bigas Is the Magic Academy's fire Teacher.

Charles is Alford son and Dragon Cry brother

Darren Is the prison Warden.

Delsala is a spirit linked to Arianna's magic device

Devil Eye A demon who teams up with Beryl.

Diego is Sophia's magic teacher

Dragonsong or Dragon Cry Is Lilina's first lover.


Earth Guardian Is a golem made by earth elves to protect a horn on the mountain.

Earth Teacher Is the Magic Academy teacher.

Empire's King Radler Is Sofia and Sarah's father.

Elena/Irina was the previous queen of the Empire. Mother of Sofia, she went missing a long time ago.


Feldt Is Sofia's mother-in-law and Sarah's mother, which makes her the new Queen of the Empire.

Ferdinand Is the Empire King's brother and Sofia and Sarah uncle.

Fire Spirit An elf who lives in fire temple. She keeps the fire orb.

Fletch Is the Unicorn ranch owner.

Flower Girl Is a girl who sells flowers to invite men to have sex with her during the night.


Gloria Is John's slave and Dorothy's sister.


Hiller Is the Priest of Anvil's church.

Holy tree Is the forest's guardian who protects the golden fruit.


Ice spirit Is an elf who lives in the Ice Temple.


Jack Is a bad student at the magical academy.

John Is Torres's chambellan.

James Is a rich man who falls in love with Lilina.

Jessica is Sofia and Ferdinand's maid.

Jeane is Sofia's new maid


King Inma Is the demon lord.

King Galleon/ King Ganon Is an undead who rules Ganon Castle.

Konsipno/Cospiro The mercenary's leader.


Lamia sisters Are three lamias in the forest who abduct women to turn her into slime breeders.

Leah is Owen's loyal mercenary.

Lilina The main protagonist of the Cursed Armor games.

Lilith Is House of Love employee and Melissa's partner for slavery.

Light Teacher Is the magic academy light teacher.

Lina is a Beast Lady submited to Divine Beasts

Lisa Is Rowling's Slave.

Loci Is an adventurer who tries to solve the Rapist Case.

Loki Is a hireable adventurer and Mhairi's partner.

Lucia Is a hireable adventurer and Melissa's slave.

Luma Is a villager from Island village. She's captivated by Abadon Siren's story.


Matt Is a unicorn ranch's employee.

Melia is Spirit Witch of Villa and Melissa's younger sister.

Melissa Is a hireable adventurer and Lucia's mistress.

Mhairi Is a hireable adventurer and Loki's partner.

Miller Is a bad student at the magical academy.

Mira is a Beast Lady and Andi favourite pet.


Nastela Is the previous succubus queen and a legend among adventurers.

Nicole Is the House of Love owner.


Owen Is the guild master and Lilina's husband.




Robert Is Lucia's father and a prisoner.

Ross Is the Thunder Magic teacher in the Magic Academy

Rost Is Ross's son and Lilina's roommate at the Magic Academy

Rowling Is a woman who seeks a futanari to be her slave.


Sarah/Samja Is the third princess of the Empire and was kidnapped by John.

Seaclya/Cecilia Is the Cursed Crown's demon and Lilina's partner.

Semalya/Celia Is a nun of Anvil church.

Silja Was Lilina's magic teacher and Torres's brother ruler.

Snowy Is a unicorn rider who named her unicorn like her.

Sofia Is the first princess of the Empire and a Spirit Witch.

Sofia (ghost) Is the ghost of King Galleon's wife.

Sophie is the next succubus queen (saw in Queen Ganon's ending, we dont know if she's canon !)


Trossi/Dorothy Is John's permanent slave and Gloria's partner for their master's pleasure.


Unicorn Is Lilina's Unicorn.



Water teacher Is the magical academy water teacher

Wendy Is a magical academy student who studies dark magic.

Wind teacher Is the magical academy wind teacher.

Wolf God Is the God of this world.

Wolf God's daughter is the Child of Wolf God



Youde Is Lilina's contact for Sarah's rescue Mission.

Yuuka is the Spirit Witch of Torres