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Cursed Armor II system make you use differents transformations for fight. Each form have it own level you can enhance by having sex or fighting ennemies.

Here is some informations you have to know :

  • Except the basic form, you cannot use HP or MP potions.
  • HP and MP can be recovered automatically by spending 10 SP (you can also do this manually via the spell menu)if you use another form than the basic. It will be trigerred when you will fall to 0 HP or if you have not enough MP to cast a spell. Of course, if you have not enough SP, you will fall to 0HP and loose the fight or wont be able to cast a spell.
  • Except the basic form (who can use HP/MP potions), you can use Crystalization of Soul with any form you want. This item will give you some SP.
  • Basic form use your equipment to enhance your stats, but not Witches forms. When you switch from Basic to Witch form, you will remove all your equipment. If you have to fight in basic form, check your equipment to equip what you need to fight !

Here is a description to each form :

Basic form[edit]

This is the basic form, the "human form". Everyone who see it understand they face to Princess Sofia.

  • This form is based on Lilina's powers : fire spells and heal spell.
  • This is the weakiest form but you can take advantage to your equipment to enhance your stats.
  • This is also your best form to fight "physical monsters" (like slimes, dragon, zombies, etc) since other forms wont do a lot of damages.
  • you can use potions to recover HP and MP (not the other forms)
  • this form DONT USE SP ! And you cannot use Crystalization of souls.

Recommandation : this is a full distance form. Stay away from ennemies. Fire Spells are powerfull against undeads.

Spells :
Z : Fire Snake (5 mp) Shoot a fire beam in front of you. Long rang, but deal less damages than fire wall. You can touch all ennemies in a range with it. Each ennemy you hitwill take damage as long as they are in the fire (1 to 3 hits).
S : Fire Wall (10 mp) Lilina creat a fire wall on 3 cases (front left, front, front right). More powerfull than Fire Snake, but you take a risk to be hit since this is a close range spell. Each ennemy in the fire will take 1 to 3 hits.
D : Vitality (16 mp) Gain HP while the cooldown's spell. We suggest you to use HP potion first because this spell need a lot of MP for the basic form...

Spirit Witch (aka Bewitching Witch)[edit]

Spirit Witch Form

The first form you learn at the game's begining.

  • long range spells.
  • balanced stats
  • a good combo for your first ennemies : seduction to stun them, then Kiss of Darkness.

Spells :
Z : kiss of Darkness (50 MP). Throw a kiss who explode after some seconds. Ennemies in Area of effect will take damages.
S : Lust Poison (80 MP) poison the target who will loose his forces
D : Seduction (15 mp) throw a kiss who seduce the target. He wont move or after this during a short time.

Undead Witch[edit]

Undead Witch Form

You gain this form in Ganon Castle

  • Powerfull form
  • You loose 20 HP regulary (every 5 seconds ?) but you gain 1 SP each time.... note that even if you fall to 1 HP, you still recover 1 SP per 5 seconds !
  • You dont need SP to take this form.

Spells :
Z : Black hole (60 mp) Long range spell, create a Dark Hole.
S : Disability (100 MP) : create a Dark Hole near to you.
D : Power of the Undead : You will loose HP but you are immortal during the spell's cooldown.

Magical Hair Witch[edit]

Magical Hair Witch Form

You gain this form after you saved Yuuka. According to Torres's Spirit Witch, this form is not really suited for fight at low level, so we recommand you to train it before using it in fight.

  • Close range form, you are more resistant but you must stay close to the ennemy to attack him.
  • You have two stances. the D Spell allow to switch stance according to your desire.
  • Unless you have a high level, you shouldn't use the tentacle hair stance

Z Whip (20 mp) Hit ennemies 3 or 4 times (close range)
S Bind (80 mp) Immobilize an ennemy. If the player move, the spell is broken (ennemy is still able to attack, be carefull)
D State Shifting (20 mp) activate/desactivate the tentacles hair stance. When you are in tentacle hair mode, you can deal more damages but you are more vulnerable (Attack +, Defense -).

Human body Witch[edit]

Human Body Witch Form

You gain this form when you finish the Beast Lady line (facing Barrock, escape by praying or become Beast Queen). This form is a Close Quarter form so if the enemy is hard to reach, this is not the best option.

  • Close Quarter form
  • Z Spell use no MP and have a really short cooldown, so if you want to save MP, this is the best option as long as you deal enough damages to the ennemy.
  • D spell grand you a huge ATK stat.
  • To use this form, you need to have the "Divine Beast Power" statut. To have it, you need to do fellatio scenes and drink sperm (around 4 or 5 semen drinking scene). So you should have the prostitution permission and work for 2000 or 5000 g to not have too many problems to drink semen...

Z Strik (no mp) Give a weak hit. Really Short Cooldown
S Fatal Strik (50 mp) Give a Powerfull hit
D Blast : (100 mp) Temporary rise your attack (check the icon near to your HP gauge to see if the spell still effective)

Overlord Witch[edit]

Note : this is a temporary thread because the full form is not discovered yet. You gain this form in the Worm nest. This form is a powerfull one, but it spend SP instead of MP. you can also use it to fly (not over the sea for now) which increase your speed.

  • Can use materia to restore MP
  • use SP instead of MP
  • Powerful spells
  • Flying ability. You have sex while you fly. If you came, you gain 10 sp.

Z Spirit draining (10 sp)Create spore around you, hurt ennemies and regen SP for each successfull hit.
S Spirit shield (10 sp/second) Create a Shield who protect you. Use the spell once again to stop it.
D Spirit energy blast (30 sp/second) powerfull zone attack. Heavy damages and push back ennemies. use the spell again to stop it.

Behaviours and sex spells[edit]

This section is for power you can acquire and who are not linked to a specific form.


-Futanarisation : This spell can be acquired if you do Melissa's experiment when you have only 1 HP. This spell cost 50 SP and is supposed to give you a penis. But Sofia seems refuse to use it (a specific condition must be triggered, more info later)
- Fly/Land : only avaiable with Overlord Witch form. Choose to fly or land.

Sex Skills[edit]

- Milking : available if you have the "swollen breasts" status (occure after you gave birth) allow you to milk.