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Cursed Armor is an erotic game series created by Wolfzq. Its main themes include bondage, erotic combat encounters and many others. In this game, you play as an innocent girl chasing her dreams, who is chosen by a demon of lust. She is forced to wear a cursed crown (the first form of Cursed Armor), and goes on an adventure to remove the curse. We invite the player to experience her journey and find out if she sinks into corruption or realizes her dream!​

This wiki has detailed walkthroughs of many aspects of the game but is still incomplete in some aspects (e.g characters, items, etc.) and could use some proofreading and formatting. Feel free to contribute in any way you like.

Check out the official Cursed Armor reddit page and discord.

Downloading games [edit]

  1. Download Cursed Armor I or Cursed Armor II
  2. Uncensored Patch For Cursed Armor I
  3. Enjoy the game!

Cursed Armor II updates [edit]

Last Update 09/05/2020
Wolfzq message for this update : Abeyance announcement:
In consideration of the future development of the game and the dev term, I've decided to make a Non-H main-storyline version, therefore the update of the plot will stop for 2 months.
During the abeyance, I might put my attention on making new outfit patches and incompleted contents(such us the memory of Cumdumpster of Owen's Storyline), thank you for your understanding, and please expect for a better version of this game.
I want to emphasis that the abeyance of updating doesn't mean I will be taking a vacation, T_T.
1,Finished the grand ending of the Divine Artifact line,this storyline contains a large amount of contents and requires player to be virgin, please be aware before play it.
2, Hidden storyline is now available, Queen Transformation is available. The hidden storyline will not be the priority of the development, I will be focusing on the Slave City line that everyone wants to see.
3, Added the option of choosing Single Dialog Avatar.
4, fixed player reported bugs.

Previous Update : 08/05/2020
1, Finished the final boss battle of the Artifact line. Almost finished the Bad Ending, the Abaddon branch-line ending is incompleted.
2, The good ending of the Artifact line is incompleted yet, this ending requires player stay virgin at the final scene(a new save of virgin PC is recommended).
3, fixed player reported bugs.

Previous Update : 07/05/2020
1, the Divine Artifact Line is updated to the final preparation at the relic.
2, the Mandragora Fruit function is finished, defeating the Boss of the Divine Artifact line helps greatly on making the fruit.
3, fixed player reported bugs.

Previous Upadate : 06/05/2020
1, Finished the Mandragora ending of the Divine Artifact storyline.
2, Finished the Infamy - Jail system, Infamy>1050 triggers it.
3, The Prologue now has a new standing pic of Cecilia.
4, Standing Pic controller now has a function which allows player to keep the previous appearance settings after transforming, more compatible to skin tone that changes colors.
5, fixed player reported bugs.

Previous Update: 05/04/2020
1, the item controller now has a sex toy automatical activation function.
2, the transformation animation and the voice over of entering the zone has been improved. CV: 李子.
3, the Lamia storyline end is finished.
4, the Empire Business District Restaurant shota(actually it's a boy who just reached legal age)'s event is finished.(Need Prostitution Permission.)
5, fixed player reported bugs.

Previous update : 04/04/2020
1, Improved the loading of the gallery.
2, The divine artifact storyline is available. Player first time reacting to a teleport stone enters it. (In consideration of attuning early game-saves, player returning from any teleport station to the Empire Relic can also open this storyline. Please compromise some plot logic for game-playing.)
3, Fixed player reported bugs.

Previous update : 03/04/2020
1, Empire line end fixed, now the boss battle has different influences.
2, Finished the branch line Owen reject Charles. Please select refuse at the Charles showing love scene.
3, Finished the empire noble district bath house events.
4, Unicorn rancher has a gamble function.
5, Improved PC's blow job CGs.
6, Fixed player reported bugs

Previous update 02/05/2020
1、Finished storyline The Empire line1.(After leave Overlord Temple.)
2、Long hair club Open.(After Dignified Manner Classes.)
3、Fixed player reported bugs.
Due to the Chinese year, and the translator was ill (China is very sick), there are not many translation updates, and there are almost 30000 texts that have not been translated. He hopes that I can apologize to all supporters on his behalf.

This time translate words are 340000 texts, so big :P Previous update 01/05/2020
After you have left from the temple, go back to city and take a sleep to trigger following plots. 1, Finished all storylines of Overlord Temple.
2, You now will receive notes when certain skills are learnt.
3, Add a screenshotting function for people who likes saving CGs. Press F6 then your screenshots will appear in the folder named chucun which you can find at the game's loot folder.
4, Added breast state into the status menu.
5, Added Overlord special avatar.
6, Fixed player reported bugs.

previous Update : 12/04/2019
1, Fixed bug: During sleep, Beast Mother may lose too much HP than expected which can lead to unable to win in the match
2, The Empire storyline proceeds to before leaving Overlord Temple
3, All patreon related NPCs now have Force Controller, it can be used to toggle some costumes' high order forms. FYA, messing with this function might result in tragedy.
4, The Owen branch line now has a Meat Toilet path, currently, the path of refusing Charles is under sectional constructions and is temporarily stopped at before going to battle.
5, A Notebook function has been added into the game. The Empire storyline notebook guide is finished.
6, Improved some pixel animations
7, Fixed player-report bugs.

Wiki update [edit]

Last update : 09/05/2020
Relic Line updated : the end of this line is added
Ending page updated : added the Queen's end for Relic line end
CA II form pages updated : added the Succubus Queen form
Characters pages updated: Lilina, Sofia, Ferdinand, Jeane, Samja, Beryl, Wolf God Daughter

Previous update : 08/06/2020
Quest line updated : relic line updated
Added a "sidequest" to explain how to stay virgin
Ending page update

Characters [edit]

Here, you can find information and Story about Cursed Armor's characters : Character List

Glitches and bugs[edit]

Discovered Glitches and bugs and other game problem are gathered here

Cursed Armor I[edit]

This part is all about the first Cursed Armor Game

Quest Lines [edit]

Quest and story about Cursed Armor I are in this section :You can find Quest Lines here

Skills and statuts[edit]

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Tips and tricks [edit]

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Special Attributes[edit]

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Items and Equipment [edit]

Items, equipment, Key item and patreon's equipments is here

Item and Equipment list

Endings [edit]

Spoiler alert. It is recommended to finish the game at least once before checking out any of the following endings.

List of endings

Cursed Armor II[edit]

This section is dedicated to Cursed Armor II

Quest Lines [edit]

You can find Cursed Armor II quest and story here

Tips and tricks [edit]

Main tips and tricks go here

Special Attributes[edit]

Click here for a description of Special Attributes in the game and how to raise them.

Items and Equipment [edit]

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Cursed Armor II forms[edit]

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Memory Zone[edit]

This section is for all the scenes you can collect in the Memory Zone

Endings [edit]

Spoiler alert. It is recommended to finish the game at least once before checking out any of the following endings.

List of endings for Cursed Armor II