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This page is for Cursed Armor II playtrough and quest lines.

Note : this game is in development, so this walkthrough is also incomplete. For each update, we will enhance it. Note that we will also not count Chinese content until they are translated because we don't really understand this language.

You also have to know that this game is the sequel of Cursed Armor I. the « REAL true ending » is canon, so all you had to do to reach is ending ins also canon. If you don't want to be spoiled, please finish Cursed Armor I before playing this.

What is canon ?
- All elements required to reach the Real True Ending of Cursed Armor I
- Futa scenes with Sarah in Torres

Main Quest[edit]


Before you can start, you have to choose difficulty level : easy, normal or hard. What change between levels ? Everything is said in the game description. Note that "maze difficult" is unclear right now. The only element we have is the number of floors you have to cross in Ganon Castle (the harder is the difficult level, the more floors you have to cross). It's up to you to choose. Right now (until the full game release), you have to know that we use the "normal" difficulty level for this walkthrough

You start the game in the prison of the Imperial Place. Lilina is drugged and raped by guards. Sofia, the eldest princess of the Empire, will save her. But she will be trapped by a guard. She will go in another dimension with Lilina to lend her her powers, body and identity. You will have to face your first enemy and discover the game mechanism. You also will notice that your spells too weak against your enemy so let him beat you. Then, Lilina will transform. Now you can beat him. Do it.

After a scene, you will awake in a bedroom. Check a mirror, then go to bed.


Once you changed your haircut and talked to Ferdinand, you will learn that you have to do a Royal Course each day. You will be automatically send to your daily course each morning where you start in the castle. To more information, see this section. After this, talk to Jessican to go back to the castle and explore it as you wish before you go to the 1st floor, talk to Ferdinand then read a book (shiny spot). Then go back to your bedroom. You can talk to Jessica, your maid, for some options when you are to your bedroom. Spend the night by sleeping in your bed.

The next day, go back to Ferdinand and read the new book. Then, talk to Ferdinand and go back to your bedroom.

During night, check the lamp on your desk. It supposed tell you where is the monster you must kill (since regions are not already translated, you will have to explore by yourself and check a man with blue hair to kill him. You have one monster per night). Then, use the « transforming control » to switch to Witch form (you can use the F shortcut) then go out by your balconry. Right now, explore all houses from the east and northeast district. The east discrict, you can sneak in weapon and armor shops, for the northeast, you can explore six houses. Inside, you can have sex with men (not the old one or the couple actually) and steal purple items (some gold, potions, a plate, a maid underwear, some poisons, HP potion and MP potions). Note that stealing items will raise your infamy. In the demo, it means nothing but maybe for a next update... note also that gold is useless before a long period so this is no big deal if you let it right now (even if start to gather money is not a bad idea. Anyway, you have no "legal" method to earn money right now). The more important are potions. Each night, item will respawn in the same place.

You can explore four zones :

  • East zone. This is were you start. You can sneak in weapon and armor shop. You can also access to patreon shop and buy item you acquire on the patreon page with $16 pack (talk to the owner to get a Dimension portal and - if you can - buy you patreon equipment to get an underwear controller and item controller for free). There is also a "Patreon beauty salon" where you can change your character's face and haircut if you paid a monthly gift on patreon page. The owner can sell you for 100 000G a hairdo controller. In the restaurant, you can talk to Shikonai, AnonymousAgent, Useraro and Shadow Angel, four people who worked on the wiki and had an easter egg in the game (since they dont have some importance in the game, they are non canon so no page for them). Finally, you also have access to the « memory room » to see previous H scenes.
  • North-east zone is a residential district. You have 6 houses where you can sneak to steal some item/gold and gain SP. You can also trigger an event if you go to the upper right side (the deadend) of the northeast house : you can awak Ross's ghost and be marked by the living doll sign (Living Doll sidequest)
  • south zone is the castle gate. There is also the church and the guild, but you can't go in during night (guard wont let you go in) so... there's nothing to do here (unless there's a monster).
  • west zone. From a point, you can sneak in Samja's room, but that's all. For your first routines, there's nothing to do except kill a monster if he spawn here.

If you steal peoples and kill the monster each night, you will gain 2600 gold, a plate, a maid underwear, 3 poisons, 2 HP potions, 1 mp potion and a crystalization of soul (small) per night. Remember that Infamy will probably affect your playtrough later !

Anyway, once you steal and rape people, search for the blue hair guy and kill him to get one Crystalization of Soul (small) who can give you 100 SP in case of need, then go back to your bedroom and sleep. Note that if the man beat you, you will be raped and loose your virginity (we dont know if virginity is important but one you are not virgin anymore, you can have vaginal sex and gain more SP and level).

What you have done is a regular period we will call « night routine », remember this term. Each time we tell you to do your « night routine », it mean you have to kill a monster and sneak in house to gain SP.

Pink Lady Club[edit]

Next day, go back to Ferdinand and read the 2 new (and last) books. A soldier will come talk to Ferdinand. Talk to him after this then go back to your bedroom. After your night routine (DONT GO TO BEDROOM), go to the Pink Lady Club in east Zone (the shop with a whip). A scene will trigger.

Now, you have to produce wine with Poseidon Crystal to pay a debt of 1 180 000 g to save Jeane. For this, you have to go to the Pink Lady Club each night after you gather as most of SP than you can (kill the blue guy before in case of you cant beat him with 0 sp), then go talk to each client of the 1st and 2nd floor. Then, talk to Emcee to finish your job. You will loose all your SP for this mission but dont worry : Lilina masturbate each night she finish with less than 10 SP.

After this, go to sleep and spend your day (talk to Ferdinand, go to your bedroom), do your night routine and dont forget to finish by the Pink Lady club. After this night, Lilina want to save Jeane by another way. Go to sleep. Next day, talk to Ferdinand. He will give you the key of his mansion. You can ask him to save Jeane. We recommand you to take this option because, if you dont, you will have to work until you pay all the debt, which can be a REALLY long period... or you can break free Jeane with your powers, which trigger the Prostitution and Jeane's slavery sidequest AND grant you 1000 Infamy

If you talked to Ferdinand and asked him to pay Jeane's debt : Go to your bedroom, do your night routine but dont go to the pink lady club : go to Ferdinand Mansion (north east zone, in the northeast big house). Ferdinand is inside and Jeane too. She will become Sofia's new maid. Go to the bedroom.

If you didn't : spend your time to pay Jeanes debt or break her free, then you will go in Ferdinand house, a similar scene will trigger and then Jeane will become your maid, go to your bedroom

Next day, talk to Ferdinand, then go to bedroom, do your night routine (note : if you kidnaped Jeane, you can keep go to the pink lady club to do your job... and we recommand you to do it everyday in order to gain some time for the Jeane's slavery sidequest), go to sleep.

Next day, same thing : Talk to Ferdinand, go to bedroom, do your night routine, sleep.

Next day, Jeane is your new maid for good. You finish automatically to your bedroom. Do your night routine, sleep.

Next day, talk to Ferdinand. He will talk with you about troubles in Torres. He also give you a magic wig you will give to Jeane in order to let her be your double when you go out. You will also learn that Owen is near. Go to your bedroom.

During night, start by the night routine, then go to the northeast zone, check the house with a circle and activate him. After the scene, go to sleeep.

Next day, talk to Ferdinand,then go to your bedroom. Do your last night routine before a while, then talk to Owen in his house.

Torres City[edit]

After some scenes, you have to choose between talk to Yuuka or search the artifact by yourself. If you choose to go back to Yuuka, you will avoid a fight, but if you chose to go find the scepter by yourself, you will go in torres during night and fight à monster. This monster is more powerfull than the others. A good method is to use your D spell to stun him then use your Q spell to damage him. It will be long and dangerous but if you win, you gain a Small AND a Medium Crystalization of soul, but you will be traped by other monsters and loose your virginity. After a long scene, you will awak out of torres with the scepter of death and Yuuka injured.

In the house, take the yellow item (its ok, you wont raise your infamy) to gain a MP potion. You can also pick the purple one (this is stealing item!) for gain 3 000 g, then talk to Owen. After a long scene, you are back to the house. Check the yellow item (MP potion), read books (you can also take them with you) then talk to the soldier to contact Youde (if you want go outside before talking to the guard, you can. This allow you to visit an empty graveyard and talk to the guard in front of Torres... si it have no interest, yes).

Ganon Castle[edit]

Your objective is to learn the Undead Witch form. Go to the ruins (Ganon Capital) and go to the stairs in the bedroom. Take your Basic form and equip all items you can. Think to save, because the next step is a rare occasion to raise your basic form level and it could be a good thing to the future.

You will face to undead. Fire Spells of your basic form are a great weapon against them. Kill all ennemies in a room except one, then switch to your Witch form and use Seduction (D button) on him to rape the monster, then go back to basic form and equip yourself once again.

The main problem is that Basic form have a poor level for now (level 2 if you hadnt masturbate or had sex in basic form, 11 if you masturbated each night since your first visit in Pink Lady and trigered the sex scene of Torres... maybe more ?). Your best option is to keep ennemy away from you and spam fire snake on Skeletons then finish with zombies. Basic form can gain level by killing monsters (witch forms cant). If you hadnt already spend everything, you should have a good stock of HP and MP potion you steal in houses which can help you : if you are low hp and/or mp, use them ! And avoid to walk on a stair before you clean a room. And if you see some bones on the floor, check it to gain an item. Finally, go to the next floor.

So, you will face two kind of ennemies :

  • Skeletons are fast but fragile. Keep them away and spam fire snake on them to get rid. Skeletons must always be your priority
  • Zombies are slow but powerfull : they can one shot you. If this is the last ennemy you face, you can deal a high amount of damage on them with a fire wall (think to step back after you launched it to avoid to get hit too).

After some floors (the number of floors depend of your difficulty level. We dont already know for easy, 4 for normal, 14 for hard), you should finish to the throne room. After the scene, you will face Ganon King, 4 zombies and 4 skeletons.

You probably wont be able to win this fight during your first run because you will be flooded by ennemies, but here is a strategy to win if you are well-prepared : the first thing to know is that Ganon wont move, he will stay on his throne and cast black hole spell. But the spell wont go over the stairs. you can use this to your advantage : skeletons must be your priority since they are fast and powerfull so lure em to the stair and cast a fire wall to damage em. they probably injure you so be ready to use potions, then try to kill one or two of em with a fire snake (go in the corridor to be sure they follow you. Once skeletons are done, go back on the "throne zone" to kill zombies who can bother you. Keep in mind that Ganon can use a black hole spell. Once he's the last survivor, killing him will be a child play : spam fire snake on him, keep moving to stay away from his black hole. If you win, you will have your undead form and can go out now. (WARNING : to exit the dungeon, you need to be in undead form to see the stair you have to take to get out. Plus, if you are virgin, DONT BE TOUCHED BY UNDEAD ! Otherwise, you will be raped and sent back to Ganon throne room. To know how to escape of this situation, read the following part).

If you got taken care of by King Ganon and if you are still virgin until then... well Ganon King is your first time, congratulations. The following part if for those who were defeated by Ganon or his undead minions.

Note : If you are defeated by undeads before you reach Ganon Floor, you will be raped in Ganon Prison. You can try to break chains. For this, you have some options. If you make noise, you will be raped again, same thing if you do 5 actions on the chain without alert undeads. After your third sex scenes with undead, they will lead you to Ganon King...

So you were defeated and under ganon domination. Your job is to fill your SP gauge to feed him, so go have sex with minions then go back on the throne.

After this, you will meet Sofia (ghost) who will explain you how to escape. You have to touch each bones you will meet between this floor and the deepest floor. So go downstair, there is a bone here. 3 floor under this one, there is another. The next floor is the dungeon, filled by bones. BUT you must avoid to be touched by monsters ! If one touch you, you will have sex. If your SP gauge is full, you are gone for a gang bang with king and his subjects and you have to start from the begining... but you can see the Ganon Queen ending if you want : go to the throne and see it. You will gain Crystalization of Ganon Queen who will be useful after this (but you can skip it if you want, we explain it later).

Once you touched each bones you met, have sex to fill your SP gauge and trigger the gang bang. You will break the spell. Behind the throne, you will find the death scepter. Then go upstairs. AVOID TO TOUCH AN UNDEAD or else you are go once again to serve Ganon King and you will have to dot the bone thing again... You will notice that you have 2 upstairs... this is were the Crystalization of Ganon Queen is usefull : it show you where is the good path. That said, if you play in normal (we dont know the path for hard) we dont know if this is because the game is in development or not, but the good path is always the north upstairs...

To the last floor before the bedroom, if you have the Crystalization, you meet another Ganon Queen who can change your CG with Ganon Queen shape.

Anyway, get out and go back to the cost to go to Torres save Yuuka..

After the scene where you save Yuuka, you go back int the Empire and Owen give you a maid suit and a magic wig who give you Jeane apparence. You go back to the castle. During night, Sofia make a dream where she gain the Magical Hair Witch Transformation.

Return to the Empire[edit]

Note : At this point, two queslines will be triggered at the same time. At the end of this chater, you will have to choose which line follow first. Nothing will prevent you to do the other line after you completed the first.

The next day, you will notice that Ferdinand is not here. Do your night routine. You can notice that you can choose your form : spirit Witch, undead witch or hair witch BUT only the first one let you fly from the balconry to the street so start by this one and keep 10 sp (or a crystalization of soul) to go back with this form... Since you are not virgin anymore, dont hesitate to do vaginal sex, who give your more SP en exp. Choose the form you want before to have sex in order to give him more exp (a logic choice is to enhance your magical hair form right now).

After your night routine, go to sleep. Next Day, you can talk to Jeane and choose the new "get out" option to go out during daytime, changed in Jeane.

Under Jeane's costume, you can go to town and do some shopping. Weapon, Armor and accessory shops can maybe interest you with some equipments, if you have some gold (if you stole people, you probably have some money. Otherwise, if you kidnapped Jeane, you triggered the prostitution sidequest who can help you to earn money, go check the sidequest part bellow for more information). Finally, the item shop can sell you HP and MP potion, but if you stole those items each night in houses, it wont give you any interest. Furthermore, « Advanced » HP and MP potion is useless right now : it give you too much HP / MP, probably more than your max HP/MP so dont buy it now.

You have also access to the guild in the south zone, right building. The doctor can sell you same medicines than the item shop. There's also a church next to the guild. The Father allow you to pray (reduce lust) or dispel a curse (it will cost money !)

You can also go outside of the capital, there is two zone you can visit : the port (no interest) and the ruin inside the forest. This is the ruins where Inma King is sealed. Actually, there is nothing to do right now for the story, but you can train your basic form here.

You can use any form, but since you cannot gain xp by fighting under a witch form, keep the basic one (think to equip your best equipment!). If you scare about your HP and MP, you can buy some potions. Note that you will be teleport outside if you are defeated, and you wont be raped by ennemies so dont worry about consequences : you will just have to do a night routine to refill your hp/mp.

The only kind of ennemies you have to fight in this ruins are bats. In basic form, your best weapon is – as usual – Fire Snake. Bats wont come close and will use a mid range attack : some kind of sonicboom who can hit you three times in a shot. It can hurt, he can use it quickly (more quickly than your fire snake), but your spell have more range than him. Since they dont come close, Fire Wall is useless. Take advantage of corridor to stick him in front of you. Keep some distances : the sonicboom will come slowly so you have time to react. You will have to fight 5 bats per floor and keep in mind that go to another floor/zone will respawn all bats.

You have also three chests to open in this dungeon. In the first floor, you have 2 000 golds. In the seconds, you can find an advanced HP potion and an advanced MP potions.

Keep training as much as you want, then go back to castle and talk to the guard in front of Samja's room then to the king.

Then go to your bedroom and do your night routine. But before you come back to your bedroom, go to Samja's room and talk to her. After the dialogue, talk to her a second time and chose to tell her the truth. After this, you will leave the bedroom. Go back to your and sleep.

Next night, do your routine and talk to Samja.

At this point, you can choose which line you want to do first. Note that – as long as you are in Empire - you can progress for the other line too.

Beast Lady line[edit]

Next day, you will be able to see Samja in her bedroom, so go talk to her to have a date for tonight. Go back to your bedroom, then do your night routine. Then, go back to your bedroom and talk to Jeane to tell her you go with Samja. On the road, an event will trigger. Follow Feldt to the secret underground. In this zone, you can steal a Golden hairband (MA+1 compared to your Princess's tiara, but you will gain 50 infamy if you take it!)then inspect the miror. You will see the queen have some fun with guards. After this, Lilina will be scared to be spotted by the queen and go see Samja for the night.

Next day, do what you want, then talk to Samja to a date, then go back to your bedroom. You have two things to do :
- your night routine (if you want, you can skip it but dont refuse some free xp to a witch form!)
- go back to the secret underground. For this, you have to be in your basic form and dressed before you left your bedroom (dont talk to jeane, just take the door). This time, the right part of the basement is open but don't go it now or you will softlock your save ! Go to the left room and see the queen have sex. Once again, Lilina think she was spotted by the queen but, before she left, go to the right room, use the miror and check the book. You will go out after this.

Go talk to Jeane, you will read the book fully after this. You can see this journal in your inventory if you want to read it again.

Next day, do as you wish (go out, talk to samja to have a date tonight, etc), then go back to your bedroom and do your night routine, then go back in secret basement. Check the miror of left room to notice that guards take the other. So go back and inspect the miror of the right room to see Feldt be punished. After the scene, Lilina will be affected by divine power and want to become a Beast Lady. For this, she have to go to beast land. Go talk to Jeane.

Note : make a safe save because you will be stuck after this !

Next day, go out in Jeane costume and go to the Imperial port (south of the city). Go in the house and buy a ticket for Holy Capital Villa (500 g. If you dont have the money, you have no choice : go back to the city, sell item you dont need or spend one more night and steal peoples).

Four days later, you went to Villa Port. You can freely change your equipment. Then go out.

There is two zones you can went : The city or the forest. You can also find the Ganon Castle to the north (a good way to enhanche your Undead Form level if you need it and are ready to escape again). The city is totally empty right now (maybe a further update will add people). Feel free to visit, but you have nothing to do and nobody to talk. You will just trigger a scene where you learn that Lilina grown here and left the city 3 years ago.

So go to the forest. Behind a tree in the second map, there is a chest who contain a cheap accessorie. Then go back, you will see a circle in front of a pound. Go in. After the scene, you will be binded, gagged and blindfolded but you can move anyway. Go down and go trough a wall. Move according to beast chain instruction : if it hurt you, it mean that you go in the wrong way. But even if it hurt you, go to the chests to collect 1 advanced MP potion, 1 contraceptions pill and 1500 g. Go in the "cross grass" to be teleported. You cant open wooden door so go in the next cell. Go in the middle place between the lady and the empty chain beast. After the scene, a minigame will start.

You will now have to try to evade. you have four actions : try to struggle free, try using magic, try transformation or wait. you have 3 stats : your HP, your SP and a "bestialisation".
Try to struggle free cost 10 HP
Use magic cost one SP and dont work if you cant speak
transform cost 5 SP but doesn't work if you cant use it (beast chain seems to suppress this power)

Right now, you can just wait. A new scene will trigger.

New choice. Since you still cant break free, you can save if you want, then choose to rest.

After a new scene, where you meet Andi who will become your guide, Rest once again (using magic will gag you again !). Andi will come tomorrow and explain you all you have to do. There is new options to the menu : the last one will explain you rules of minigames. Read it carrefully.

Here is some more explanations :

Your goal is to raise your bestification stat AND keep faith stat as lower as possible. When you are on the menu, you can use the "struggle" option to lower faith from 1 point (you will loose all your hp). you can also use a spell as long as you are not gagged to decrease faith to one point. when you sleep, you can trigger a mni game but, in this case, you will be gagged (if you are not already) so condemned to loose since you wont be able to talk. if you wait, a mini game can be triggered (or not). in this case, if you are gagged, the gag will be removed.

About the mini game :
you have 3 stats : HP, Power and Feel
HP wont matter except for one command (see bellow)
Power increase fast and allow you to use some commands
If the "feel bar" is fuelled, you loose. Max Feel will raise afet each minigame (max 1500).

you will have the right to use some commandes :
- Adapt to Low/medium/high speed will change feel bare speed progression
- Try to concentrate/distract will reduce you feel progression BUT can increase according to the speed (read the command to understand)
- Wriggle your vagina will cost 5 hp but decrease the power bar progression to the man who fuck you.
- Give all your power will quickly decrease your power but stop feel progression instead. When you have no power left, you will gain 500 feel so be carrefull : this is just to buy some time...

The best thing to do is just to adapt to low speed and wait until the man cum. If you see your gauge progression change, so it mean that it really change. check the command to see if it happen and if so, adapt to low speed.

If the Feel gauge of the man is fulled before yours, you won this round and he will cum in your mouth up to 5 time (according to man HP gauge : if he have 500 hp, he can cum 5 times, for exemple : each shot cost 500 HP) and you will gain some HP AND some Feel. After this, if he still have some HP, he take another round but your feel gauche his half by 2 (so if you had 800 feel after his last shot, you will have 400 feel). if he can't take it anymore, he left. if another man is here, he take his place in the same condition.

Let's be honest, you will loose sooner of later and people will cum in your pussy instead. if you cum, you will be raped by each man until no one left (so you go back to the menu) or the end of the day. At the end of the day, Andy come feed you.

Each time you play mini game, your bestiality score raise, but your faith too according to your performance.

I can't say what happen according to your score so try to do your best (if I find a difference according to a previous run, I'll write it here)

When you reach 50 bestiality (I guess), you will turn into a beast lady and choose Andi (I guess, it was the case for me) as master.

Andi will explain you how things work in this land. As soon as you can, go and explore the place. You will quickly notice that Iron doors can't be open. If you talk to Andy, you can choose to go for a walk. Andy can open some Iron doors and register you for Arena, but you wont be able to sucess to this right now. The only interest is for the sex scene. By the way, note that having sex will change your faith rate. Here is some information :

Each New May : +4 faith
Fed by Andy : +1 faith
Lost the Arena : -2 faith

The Arena is an automatic mini game. If you lose, you will have a sex scene. As said before, you need to finish something to trigger the "winning scene". If you decide to avoid arena, just go to your couch in Andi's room.

During Night, go check the bed at the left of Andi's room to see a scene. You can now go in the Divine Beast Zone by the blue teleporter. But it's closed right now. You can't go anywhere else during night, go to sleep.

Next morning, you'll see that your HP droped. To regain some HP, you need to eat semen. Talk to Andy and choose to be fed. You can go for the arena if you want to loose and be fed. Otherwise, you have no choice but go to bed and waiting for night. At night, go see Lina if you want to try to go trough the Divine Beast Territory. Be careful : you have so little time before the door is closed. Once you get out, there's no way back.

In this zone, if a dog catch you, you will be raped (+5 faith) and sent back to the teleporter. Go back to sleep in that case. Hopefully, Dogs have a random pathfinding to catch you. An easy way to escape is to go in the middle path and walk until you reach the exit.

Here, you will find a woman who look like Sofia. Talk to her and listen her story. After this, you will have permission to come and have sex with beast but be careful: they will give you a lot of faith (+5). If you want to have sex, just talk to a dog. you can have as much sex as you want with em. You can now open blue teleporter's doors. The left one send you back to the zone you know. The right one send you to a palace like place. The door is locked but you will notice two crystals : the silver one give you a human body (!), the golden one is to get back your beast form. The golden teleporter still locked for you, so go back to your bedroom.

Sofia will try to learn the new form that Irina taught to her. But if your Faith is too high (90 or more ?) you wont be able to do it. So you need to lower it. Or you can go in the circle to see the scene anyway, but if your Faith is too high enough, Lilina will refuse to train herself. If you have a lower enough Faith, you will have the choice between Obey Beast or Devour Beast. Choose Devour. Then, go back to sleep.

Also, now, your Faith is a hidden stat : when you check your stat in your couch, you will see a really low number. This is actually your brand new form's level. So you will have to carefully manage your sexual relation from now on.

Next morning, go talk to Andi and choose the last option. You have now two paths available to finish this line : the escape option and the "Queen Beast" option.

The first one is the fastest but you will have a chance to trigger the bad ending and you will loose a bonus. The second is the longest one but you will be rewarded by a bonus. that said, keep in mind that you will have a lot of sex and your tatoo will glowing after this. At this point of the game development, we dont know hat it means but this is not for nothing, there probably will be consequences later.

The "escape" way :

Before we start, note that you can enhance your Human Body Witch form's level by training during night. you can check your level to your couch. It will be long, but it can help you later...

1) go to the Arena and choose to do the beast lady arena. you will win it
2) after the scene with Andi, go to the bedroom behind Andi's one and activate the scene. Choose the "I can walk option" (if you choose the other option, just talk to the iron door to enter anyway).
3) after the long scene, you will have 3 options : The first one will trigger a fight (we will talk about it after this) but it wont be available if your faith is too high, the second one will trigger the Beast Lady Bad End, the third one is what I call the "coward solution" since you will be teleported outside.
4) Let's assume that you choose the first option, a fight is triggered.... a tricky one...

First, make a backup save to prevent you to have to do all the dialogue again if you fail. To beat Barrock (and let me tell you that if you fail, you trigger the bad end), you have a single option : the "hit and run".

Barrock have a lot of HP and a though Defense. Your Z skill probably wont deal damage to him because you must be low level, sadly. So you have only two options : the S skill will deal damage but have a long recovery. The D skill will double your atk value but have a longer cooldown. So, how to win ? If you can use the D skill, do it. Then wait that Barrock cast a spell, go to him, use your D skill and go hide. As soon as your D skill is available, go hit him safely and go hide in a corner, etc.

Note that Barrock have two spells :
the first is a "holy ray" who will be launched right in front of him. You just have to stay in a corner to avoid him.
The second is a star who will explode. it can hit you in a corner. To avoid it, stay near to a wall, but not on the same line that the star. you have two cases near to each wall, so it should be ok.

Note that when Barrock will have around 20% HP remaining, he will be pissed and cast his spells fasters. If you ran out of SP, use a crystallisation of souls. this is a long battle but not a tough one. When Barrock will be defeated, you will be sent back outside and wont be able to come back here (there's nothing more to do anyway).

The "Queen Beast" way :

This will be a looooooong way to go so prepare some cofee. To trigger this end, you have to win the new race : the "Queen Beast" trial. This race is a manual one : you will have to do two laps by moving by yourself, but you will loose hp to each step. if you are low hp, you will walk too slowly. The good news is that your opponent will alos lack of HP to the mid part of the second lap, so you need to be tired after her. But there is another problem : if your faith is too low, she will move faster than you.

So, how to win ? have A LOT of sex with dogs. have sex until your level (your basic form level in this case) reach 37. Each sex scene with dog will grant you 5 faith point and 1500 exp. Once you got this level, be fed by Andi before you go for the race. It will be a close call win, but you win anyway, be proud. After this, go out with Andi the next day then talk to Rakkan (the man who live behind Andi's bedroom) and watch the scene. After this, you will be outside, you will be able to use your new form (but it will probably be at level 1 unless you trained it anyway), your Witch tatoo is probably glowing but you have the right to come back in Beast Land whenever you want and you have a new title : Beast Queen

No matter how you escaped, you have a new form to use... but not that you cant use this form unless you have the "Divine Beast Power" Stat. To have it, you have to drink semen (so fellatio scenes). It wont be a problem if you are the Beast Queen, just come back to beast land and have fun (dark witch line will grant you a quick travel way, more info in next part) but if you are not, you'll have to find a way to trigger it (you can do prostitution in Anvil, but you will have to do 2000 g scene to trigger a fellatio with sperm driking and it will take 3 or 4 scenes like this to gain divine power, saddly. If we find a way to have semen drinking faster, we'll tell it here).

Go to the port, take the ship, go back to the castle.

Dark Witch Line[edit]

You need to sleep in your bed (so not Samja's one) 3 days after you came back from Ganon Castle to trigger a scene : Ferdinand is back and a little pissed to see how dumb his niece is to take Owen as servant...

Next day, after your royal course, go see Owen in the guild. After this, go back to the castle. During night, go out. After this, try to exit the city, you will be prevented to do this. Go see Owen in his house. You will automatically go back to your bedroom after this.

After this, talk to Ferdinand then go see Owen. After This, go to your bedroom.

During night, after your routine, go to the Black Mage Shop (to the right to the patreon equipment shop, with the black sign). Talk to Melissa, then choose « yes ». This will enhance your Magic Defense. If you talk to Melissa, you will have two choices :
- Save the White Witch
- Submit experimentation (work once per night)

By the way, note that there's a chance that the experimentation give you the "futanarisation" Spell (not sure but it seem's that the 8th time you do this, the scene will be triggered)

Now, to your quest, you have some choices (again). Let's split this questline in half (again) : Torres's Training or Save the White Witch or you can go to another questline : the Relic Line

Torres's Training[edit]

Dont select the "save the White Witch" option. Right now, you can use stone tablet to go to Torres see Yuuka. The Stone is in front of Ruin's entrance (to the left to the Empire City, in the forest) so you have to go during day. Note that you can know explore the map and visit all Cursed Armor I zones. That said, be carefull : some ennemies are powerfull and can one shot you (and rape you. If ruin's bats never raped you, monsters will). You may also notice that your "best form" to fight "normal monsters" (lets call real monsters like this) is actually your basic form ! So take your best equipment. Plus, cities are strangely empty. Explore if you want, specially dungeons where there is some loot (gold, potions, etc.) but once again, be carreful against monsters. Forest near to Anvil wont bother you, there's just some slimes. But dont hesitate to explore to unlock tablets to teleport. Here's a list of tablets :
- Empire Ruin (a scene will be triggered once you touched this one)
- Anvil
- Island village
- Torres (you need to continue the quest to trigger it)
- Ganon Capital (go through Anvil Forest to go to Ganon Capital)
- Vila

As said before, a scene will be triggered once you touched Empire Ruin's stone. After your conversation with yuuka, take the portal to exit the Witch Zone. You will have to wait some days, so spend your time as you wish for around 3/5 days. Remember that Melissa can enhance your Magic Defense.

One day, Ferdinand and Youde will come to your room after your Daily Lesson. So you will be sent to Torres. The teleportation point will be activated. Talk to Yuuka again to spend night.

Next day, after the scene, go talk to Yuuka. She will train you and you will gain some Exp/levels. Next day, talk to her again. Go see her everyday like this to gain more exp/level until you got the sex title lust hair ring.

1,8 version : no more progression for now

Save the White witch[edit]

Select the option in Melissa's dialogue. After the scene, you will loose almost all your SP and you are "trapped" in the King Worm Cave (Sofia wont leave the place before the seal is restored). So go in the north. you can find a chest if you go to the right, it contain 3000 g. Then go on the stairs for a new scene.

Now, you are stucked in the worm nest. You have to find a way to escape. note that worms are way too powerful for you : they deal heavy damages and if you stay in the "spore zone", you will have continious damages until you die.

To progress, go to the southwest part of the "worm zone" to trigger a scene. In the new room, you find a bed, a water point (if you want to wash) and Arianna's journal who will explain how to become Worm King witch. After this, you have two way to progress: seduce worm (just like you did with undead in ganon castle, but no need to kill other worms, just seduce one) or be defeated and raped, this is the same thing. After you had sex, you will wake in what we will call "breeding room". You will have two choices, always choose to wait and rest. If nothing happen, just go have sex again. After some scenes, you will finally have the king worm witch form and will be able to move. Now, you have to feed your baby.

Go back in the worm room and find some Materias. this is some kind of big crystalls in the upper part of wall. not really easy to find at a first look because they are blue on blue wall, but once you spotted it, you will easily find em. take some materias until you are not in heat anymore and.... just collect the others, it can be usefull (it can give you 150 sp under your king worm witch form after all). Once you are not in estrus, go back in the watter pool room and select the circle to fly. You can open two chests who contain 2 tranquilizer and 3 hydratation cream (an item to get back your pink nipples if you dislike brown one). once you came back to the entrance, check the tablet.... who actually are another journal. Read it. now get out of the cave and put the seal back. You cant use your king worm witch transformation anymore that said... teleport back to the capital as soon as you want. If you want to unlock this form for ever, follow the next part.

Overlord Worm Witch[edit]

So your next objective is to create the Undead King Worm. For now, go back to castle and spend a night. You will have a scene. Next day, go talk to Ferdinand and use the rare item he gave you. After this, go back to sleep for another scene. Now, go back to Worm Nest. Go back in the breeding room and take an egg on the ground. After this, go in the red zone and take corroded eggs (black ones). If you didnt picked your son (in the bedroom), you will notice that each step enhance your lust. Once you got all corroded eggs, go back in the blue zone and step on the circle. You will be noticed that you need 10 corroded eggs.... go spend a night in the bedroom to make black eggs respawn and harvest em again. If you want to get them faster, take all normal good eggs, and go sleep being in undead transformation. After this, go in the circle and trigger the scene. repeat this operation again, then go to sleep with your child.

After this, you have to harvest 10 corroded eggs once again and try to give birth. You will notice that this will enhance your Defense now (+2 points).

After the scene, go harvest Materia, then go spend night in the bed. Then, talk to the worm next to the bed. He will relieve all maternity urge you can have. If you go outside the bedroom, you will notice that worm will attack you and damage your SP. the best option is to avoid em. Go back to sleep for now in order to trigger a new event. Then sleep again. A scene will trigger. After this, you have two choices :

  • For the first choice, "Baby" will help you to get out.
  • For the seconde choice, you will have to get out alone but be carreful : worms are fast, if two of them catch you, you have to restart, if you fail a second time, then..., you will have a new choice :
  • keep trying to escape
  • Give up (bad ending)
  • Pray for rescue (you escape automatically)

Once you got out, if you escaped alone, go see your child in the bedroom. once you have your child, no matter if you escaped with him or without him, you have to harvest materia. After this, you can get out of the cave.

Now, you REALLY have the overlord form and his fly/land skill allow you to go wherever you want. So before we continue, explore a litte, you can even go in Wolf God sanctuary (a temple on clouds). you can find some chests here (advanced HP and MP potion) but you cant go in his room. You can also go in unicorn ranch (some kind of village on a little Island with a castle destroyed) where a teleport stone await you. On the north of the ranch, you will notice a pyramid in a desert, the "lost land". activate his stone too. That's all we can find, go back to the castle.


During a night, you will have some dreams. Next night, talk to Jeane and select the new option. This will trigger a choice. The first one will trigger a fight, the second will let you have some time.

Before you trigger the fight, we suggest you to level up Ovrlord form at least to level 20 and make a good stock of Materia and/or crystalization of soul.

When you face Ferdinand, you can accept his offer and become Ariana (bad end) or refuse and fight.

You will have to fight Ferdinand and Jeanne in the cell. Keep your overlord form, it will be the best for the victory. Jeane will stay away from you and heal Ferdinand. She lack of HP and will be the first ennemy you should defeat. Ferdinand is fast, have a good amount of hp and will pursue you and deal a lot of damage. To stay alive, keep an eye on your SP gauge and use an item when you ran out of SP. Your best weapon will be your D skill : Spirit energy blast. cast it near to Jeane and pursue her until she fall out. if you have less than 100 SP, stop your attack and fill your sp gauge with Materia or crystalization. Once Jeane is K.O, continue with Ferdinand. Once you beat him, talk to him to have a crystalization of soul (large).

no matter if you win, loose or surrend, you will see the Ariana Ending and receive an "useless crystalization". That said,if you win, you will keep your free attempt, restart right before the fight and have a lead to keep going in your adventure. The next day, go out and fly for the pyramid to the est of the map.

2.0 version. End of the run right now, waiting for more info.

Relic line[edit]

First thing to know : this line will be like a boss rush line. You will have some trouble to finish it and maybe you will have to do a lot of New Game + just to farm your forms and retry again. It's okay, dont worry with this. If you manage to defeat each boss, you will be rewarded, but if you fail, you still have some things to help you next time. You wont be able to reach the best ending on your first run anyway (unless you cheat, of course...)

Finally, be aware that the good end is only available if you are VIRGIN ! To have some infos about how to keep your virginity, go here.

To trigger this quest, you need to learn how to use teleport stone(see Dark Witch Line for more info). Use a portal to teleport from wherever you want to Empire Ruin. You will trigger a scene.

Go see Ferdinand. After the scene, go to Anvil and go see Hiller in the church. He will give you church key and Caban key. you can now go to your house (behind the teleport stone). Check crates to get an unknown divine artifact. The Drawer allow you to stock or take money. Now, between each relic, you will have to talk to Hiller to know where the next relic is. So you have to talk to Hiller right now to start your new quest.

Crystal of Poseidon[edit]

Hiller will explain you that the first relic is in Lamia temple, in the forest (just like in Cursed Armor I) so leave Anvil City and go for the forest. in the first zone, go to the north-west part to take the good road until the temple. On your road, you will face slimes. Blue one are weak, purple can poison, yellow are more dangereous. Keep in mind that basic form is the best way to deal "normal monsters", but you can use a witch form to farm some xp (even if slimes wont be a good farm spot). Anyway, go to the temple.

Boss : Lamias (reccomanded lvl : 30, no matter the form).
You will have to face the three lamias. If you want to win this fight, here is the best solution we found until now : use your Overlord queen form and go near of the lamia who stay behind and cast spells, use your D spell to deal huge damages and use Crystalizations/Materias to regen your SP then use it again.

Note that this lamia cast powerfull spells : three huge water spells, one on the left on the room, on on the middle and one on the right. Keep an eye to her animation to know where you should move .

If you win, you gain the crystal of Poseidon. If you loose, you will have a scene where you will be raped by lamia, then meet a woman and his slime. The slime will tell you that because you lost your Virginity, you cant defeat Demon King. He can help you if you accept to help him to reproduce. You can accept (choice 1) or refuse (choice 2)

- If you accept, the slime will help you to escape and ask you to go to villa (we will see this later, this part is not developed yed)
- If you refuse, you'll stay shackeled. next day, you can try a new fight against Lamias or wait. loosing fight trigger a new rape scene and make you wait until night. during night, you can ask help to the woman or rest.

If you dont ask help to woman, you wont be able to escape anymore. After some scenes, you will have a new form : Lamia form. After some scenes, you come back to your house in Anvil.

No matter how you finish this, go talk to Hiller as soon as you can.

Golden Fruit[edit]

The Golden fruit is in the depths of lost forest area B in the same place as the Treant in Cursed Armor 1. So go back in the forest, first zone, go to the southwest. You will reach a new zone with killer bees. Theres a single way to go. For the third zone, where scorpio lives, you have two ways. Go to the west part to reach the Golden Fruit Zone. The exit in the northest lead you to the map, this is a path to go to the Villa zone (with Beast Land and Ganon Castle.... not really where you want to go. That said, if you triggered Villa Teleport point, you can use it as a shortcut to reach the Golden Fruit faster).

Boss : Mandragora (recommanded lvl, 30, no matter the form).
Once again, your best option is to blow the ennemy with Overlord's form D spell. That said, she's far weakier than Lamias actually and if you managed to beat Lamias, she wont give you any problem. As long as you stay far from her, it will be easy. Note that she can heal if she hit you, but not a huge amount of HP.

No matter if you win or loose, you will have a similar scene, it's just that if you win, you will have an additional scene to justify that you got captured and 3 Mandragora Fruits (we'll talk about it later). There will be two questions : the first one will say if you get the golden fruit or not (so if you choose the first option, you will get the golden fruit. Answering the second or third option will close the relic line). For the second question, if you choose the second option twice, you will have a the Mandragora Bad End (which give you an Identity and a Crystatlization) so the first choice is necessary to continue, it will give you Mandragora form.

Note : Untranslated part now.

Now, you have access to botanic garden and it's time to harvest Mandragora Fruits. it will be really helpful later so let's talk about it. You have two circles where you can rest (visible in mandragora form only). You have also two inscriptions who wont trigger anything right now. You just have to rest in circle to grow fruits, but it will take some times. You will have some way to faster the growth later, we'll talk about it when you unlock it, dont worry. So, to growth mandragora fruit, you need to use the circle from the right until you have flowers. Then, use the circle of the left until you have fruits. Then, use the behavior/skill to harvest fruits (if it do nothing, change form to harvest fruits). To be safe, you need at least 3 fruits (so if you defeated the Mandragora, it should be okay) but if you want more fruits, do it, they will be useful either.

Once you left the place, you find yourself in Imperial City, during night. Go to sleep. If you have the golden fruit, go see Hiller.

Minotaur's Horn[edit]

Hiller will tell you where the Minotaur's Horn is : on a mountain on top east of Anvil (after the Magic Academy). Go for it. The first zone of this mountain is safe, but you will face monsters on the second and third one, be carefull. Once you are on the top of the mountain, check the circle to get the horn... and trigger a boss fight.

Boss : Golem. Recommanded lvl : 35
The golem is a powerful foe, but you have an advantage : when he cast a spell, you can see the zone it will affect. Just stay away of this zone and attack. He's slow but able to teleport. Stay in move and use long range spells to have the advantage. That said, once again, the golem is an ennemy with a HUGE def.... maybe your only option will be, once again, to spam Overlord spells and regenerate your sp when needed...

If you loose, you will be savec by the same unknown guy than the Mandragora's part and have the horn anyway. If you win, you will get the Earth Essence. If you have it, go to botanic garden and check the inscription of the right : it will raise a brown circle. Now, you just have to spend one rest to get flowers ! Anyway, go see Hiller Again.

Ice Flower[edit]

Next Artifact is in Ice Temple, go to the northeast, in the Temple in the snow area. You can explore the first zone. Be carefull with krakens : stay away from em because their close range attack are fast and powerfull. You have some chests you can get here. In next zone, you will have to face the Ice Spirit.

Boss: Ice Spirit and two krakens. Recommended lvl : 35

The main problem of this fight is that the Ice Spirit come with two Krakens. You should Use the Abadon form to get rid of Krakens as fast as possible (keep an eye on your sp gauge !). After This, go face the Ice Spirit. Once again, you can see the range of the spells she use. The Ice Spirit is in the Crystal and she wont move. Use this to your advantage. Check which form can damage her (abadon is powerfull, but you have to stay still to damage your ennemy. If you can use a mobile form, it will be the best for you). After you broke the Crystal, you have to attack the Ice Spirit. This will be a long an tiring fight, but it's not impossible. If you win, you will have the water essence that you can use on the remaining inscription in botanic Garden : when you have flowers, you only need a single night to have mandragora fruits (X3). If you loose, you will be saved by the unknown guy and still have the Ice flower. Go see Hiller once again.

Orb of Flame[edit]

Hiller will tell you where the Orb of Flame is.... You probably guessed already : in the fire temple. Go to the fire zone (at the west of Ice zone) and go in the temple. This zone is just like the ice temple : the first part can be explored (be careful with dragons). You will notice a chest behind flames. Ignore those chest, you cant have them, head for the next zone to face the Fire Spirit.

Boss : Fire Spirit. Recommended lvl: 40.
He will be just like the Ice spirit : he wont move and cast zone spells.... the good news is that you wont have to deal with monsters or break a Crystal, this time... The bad news is that his way more powerfull than the Ice one and plus you will start in your basic form and naked so transform yourself quickly (or open menu and take your equipment). Use the same Strategy you used for the Ice Spirit to deal with him. If you win, you will have the Orb of Flame and the Fire Essence (this essence is not for your garden, we'll see it later). And if you loose.... you guessed it : you will be saved and have the Orb of Flame. Go see Hiller one more time.

Gem of Darkness[edit]

It's time to get the last item! The Gem of Darkness is in the Empire Ruin. When you are ready, use the first option in the choice Hiller gives you. The second one is just to "prepare before" (BE AWARE : there's no turning back once you go, do a save apart to roll back if you are in trouble and want to have a better preparation before you go), then you will automatically move to the Empire Ruins. If you already came, you know the zone.... and at your level, bats wont even be a problem. In the second zone, you will have to find the Gem of Darkness. To find it, check the torch on the front wall in the south room (middle one). You will be teleported to a new zone and gain the gem of darkness. If you got the fire essence, check the inscription to trigger a teleporter which will bring you to chests who contain 8888 gold and Mandragora fruit. There's also 3 invisible chests between torches that will give you invisible artefacts. The new inscription will give you a special status (fire protection or something like this.... it still in Chinese). Go back to the previous room by the teleporter. Now go to the Altar. You will end in the Sealed Zone.... your last destination. Go to the west to find the cursed crown in a chest. You will loose the 3 Mandragora Fruits you got and retrieve your Lust queen form (as locked equipment for your basic form that said, you cant change your equipment now). If you still have mandragora fruits, you can use em.

To the East zone, you can see Beryl.... you can choose to kill her or not... (you wont have the choice twice : if you spare her, you wont be able to kill her again !). think carefully about what you want to do : there will be consequences. Right to the left of the Beryl zone, there's a path who lead to a purple thing. Check it to find a hidden chest that contains the item "divine artifact - eye of the void". This artifact allows you to see all hidden artifacts on the map. Now take the middle path and be prepared for the end.

Now you face your arch nemesis (at least the one after Beryl) : the Succubi King. Main problem : you are stuck with your basic form. No witch form for you. Secondary problem : your equipment is locked. So if you are not trained well, you will loose this fight. We recommend you to be at least lvl 50 (to resist to a single hit of this enemy, you have to be lvl 62 minimum... some of your enemy's hit can deal more than 2 900 damage and it's at this lvl that you got more than 3 000 HP). Also, for more security, be sure to bring a lot of HP and MP potion, of course....

Boss : Succubi King. Recommended lvl : 55
First thing to know : if you didn't consumed at least 3 mandragora fruits when you saved Cecilia, you wont win this fight : the succubi king will be over powerful and blow you with 3 000 damages atk (reduced to 1 000 thanks to the fruits) this will be an unforgiving fight. A single error can lead you to your doom. Note that if you got the fire immunity status, you wont have to bother about the fire wave he can cast, of course. Move a lot, wait for an opportunity, cast your fire snake spell and, if you are damaged but still alive, take a lot of potion (save your MP as much as possible to keep firing). Remember : you are not in witch form, so 0hp mean game over ! Don't bother about hands : aim for the head (hands have a too high def to be defeated). Stay behind the cocoon to have some distance (some king's spell aim in front of him at a close range and will prevent you to attack) and spam fire snake. remember to move to dodge king's spells as much as possible. Be careful about the "bound spell" who will immobilize you and probably will mean your defeat because the next attack can kill you. The demon king also has a healing spell he going to use if he have less than 1/4 of hp left (this healing spell have can only be used around 5 times so hold on !). Also, if you still have a mandragora fruit but you lost all your hp, Cecilia will ask you to eat a fruit.

According to what happened, you will have 4 situations :
1) You win but you are not virgin.... bad end !
2) If you loose, you gain the Identity Witch Dog. And have the choice between give up or bet on the abadon worm.... sadly, the "bet" choice is under development so give up... This will trigger a bad end. You can reload right before you face the succubi King. For a strange reason (voluntary or simple bug ?) Berryl will be spared in this timeline... Plus, you will get the lust queen equipment if you choose to start from the beginning.
3)If you win as a virgin but chose to kill Berryl, you will gain the Succubi King's mother title annnnd.... Bad end (you can use the bad end system just as if you lost : Berryl will be Spared)
4) You win as a virgin and Beryl is spared.... so let's move to the next fight !

Boss : Beryl You start naked and without your cursed equipment.... which mean it's time to use your best transformations ! Berryl will use lust spells and Evil Eye power : she can prevent you from moving, slow you and turn invisible. Your best option is to go where you saw here cast spells and use Abadon zoning. Be careful of her dark zone spell, it's very powerful !

If you win, you have the choice to spare her or not once again.
If you spare her, you will continue this story (see below)
If you kill her, you will reach the same end as if you killed her before you face succubi king.

If you loose, you will trigger another bad ending.

If you win and spare Beryl, Ferdinand will come and give you a choice : you can accept his love (first choice) or reject him (second choice)... actually, this choice doesn't matter because the following events will be the same, but the first choice will have a consequence latter :

You will become the Queen of the Empire and use your citizens to gain lust power and contain the Demon King. you will gain the Identity "queen of the Empire".

When you can move, go talk to Ferdinand and you will have a new choice... or not, if you choose to love him for the first choice

New choice : try to be with Ferdinand, Try to be with someone else, refuse to fall in love....

If you choose to accept Ferdinand love for the first choice, you wont have choice and be with Ferdinand.

If not, you can choose to be with Someone Else : Jeane or Samja (in development for Samja choice) or stay alone...

Try to be with someone else = be with Jeane or Samja (in development for Samja)

No matter your choice, you will have the identity "succubus queen" and the rare item "succubus queen protection" (we'll talk about it after this)

If you married with Ferdinand, you will have the title "Ferdinand's beloved"
If you choose to stay alone, you will have the title "Thousand Years Virgin"

After this, Wolf God's Daughter will revert time and you will come back to the point right before you go for the altar to save Cecilia.... but this time, the Gem of Darkness is in a Island to the east (probably in the same temple you saw in dream when you defeat Ferdinand in the Overlord Queen line)...

This part is in development...

Torres Slave Quest[edit]

There are currently two ways of getting enslaved:

  1. Via the Skooma Addiction sidequest : After Having sex with the dealer for the 6th time, he will discover you are wearing a wig and are the princess, but will not do anything just yet. Have sex 2 more times with him after which you will be sold to torres. (This part is untranslated)
  2. Be Defeated by a bandit. Bandit can be found in the Anvil Forest and the entrance to the minotaur mountain.

Arriving In torres[edit]

After you get sold to the Merchant Rep, there will be a flashback of Lilina's past and Sofia will be led across torres blindfolded after which they will put her in the basement of the castle (Where Third princess was put in CA1). After you sleep there will be a long scene which will culminate with Sofia being sold. During the auction, there will be an option to admit that sofia is Lilina but that part of lore is not ready yet. In the auction Sofia is sold to Liekse, who loved Lilina in the Adventuring Guild before CA2.However, Lieske is actually a proxy of the stud elf, the interrogator which we saw in the scene before the auction, is the real owner. Sofia will then gain the identity of interrogation assistant slave.

On the first day after being sold, Lieske will explain the details of what you have to do every morning. Every day you will have to earn around 30000 gold from the brothel or arena(only easy difficulty available atm) in order to avoid night punishments. [ Tip: When earning money in Torres, if you want to earn enough money to avoid punishment, please take 1 bottle of skooma everyday. Skooma can be bought from the fat man in the middle tent. After the first day, before giving the money to Lieske, buy skooma for the next day, since there is no punishment for not getting enough money for the first day. ] After talking to Lieske on the second day after going to the brothel, you can gain a way to earn more money by having sex with the guards. However, he only helps after you talk to him once one day before and then go to Dorothy in the arena to tie up Sofia's hair.( Gaining Identity : Pet-Beauty)


Stay a virgin for the relic line[edit]

So, you want to see the good end but it's hard to stay a virgin ? Here is some informations to know what to do :
- Don't try to stay virgin at your first run. Let 's be honest, You wont win the fight against ganon with a poor level. It's better to do a first run to gather some xp, then try to reach the relic line end as a virgin once you have a good level. Take advantage of this "trash run" to unlock all transformations, it will be usefull.
- DONT TRIGGER SIDEQUESTS or divine beast line. This is a MONUMENTAL ERROR : After you did Ganon Castle, do what you have to do to get the relic line. If you trigger a side quest, divine beast line or overlord line, you wont be virgin anymore.
- Don't loose a fight. It's kinda obvious, but be defeated means be raped so no more virginity.
- Harvest Mandragora fruits. You need at least 3 mandragora fruits to let Cecilia retrieve all of her powers, and any additional mandragora fruit is a good thing for you to have more chance to defeat Succubi King.
- Raise your level and choose which form is the better. No matter what happen, you'll need a high level as basic form to face Succubi King. We suggest lvl 55. If you want a fast way to increase level, take advantage of your trash run to do the Beast Queen way of the Divine beast line : you will farm level faster when you mate with divine beasts. Also, keep in mind that overlord form is your strongest form. Dont hesitate to raise your level with this form. (but it's not always the best form you can use against some boss fights. )
- Dont be afraid to save Before each fight. Save often and, if you fail, use this save to train a little, raise your level, gather some good items like HP/MP potion or crystalisation. If you are on a trash run, haverst some materias in Overlord nest.... the more you prepare yourself, the better you are.

Identity, Sex Title and Sex Achievement[edit]

This is not a real quest, but you can win HP, MP and SP if you spend some time on it.

Identity Are the titles you can gain throughout the game, by fulfilling certain requirements. These are often glorious titles. Each new Identity gives you 20 HP and you can set whichever one you want. Here is the list of Identities.

  • Eldest princess : automatic Identity, no gain
  • Spirit Witch : after your first transformation
  • Ganon Queen : reach the Ganon Queen ending
  • Beast Lady : once you become a Beast Lady
  • Beast Queen : you need to win the Queen Beast Race to gain it
  • Lord Lady : Reach Owen's Good End
  • Witch Dog : Choose to find artifact yourself in Torres and lose to monster
  • Ancient Mandragora : Reach Mandragora Bad End
  • Succubi's King Mother : Defeat Succubi King, stay virgin and Kill Beryl.
  • Queen of Empire : Defeat Succubi King, stay virgin, beat Beryl and spare her.
  • Succubus Queen : Defeat Succubi King, stay virgin, beat Beryl and spare her.

Sex Title This is often shame titles, each new Identity give you 20 MP and you can set the one you want. Here is the list of Identities.

  • Street Whore : work as a prostitute for 2000 g
  • Lust Hair Ring : learn hair manipulation skills from Yuuka
  • Hamilton Family's Women : in the Owen NTR side quest, not to feed Charles amnesia drug
  • Owen's love : reach Owen's good end
  • Ferdinand's lover : marry Ferdinand in Queen's end of the relic line.
  • Thousand Years virgin : don't marry anyone in Queen's end of the relic line.
  • Sex Slave Princess : Get captured as a slave outside.
  • Interrogation Assistant Slave : Get sold as a slave in Torres.
  • Pet-Beauty : Act as a dog in front of Dorothy in the arena to tie up your hair after Lieske asks you to at the end of first day.

Sex Achievement This was already present in Cursed Armor I but they had no incidence. In Cursed Armor II, each achievement will give you 10 SP and there are 40 Achievements available. You can find the Achievement list in the Sex ACHV menu. Even if each Achievement you haven't fulfilled is named " ? ? ? ?", you can see the requirement in the textbox above the screen. The best way to fulfill each achievement is to find a sex scene you can trigger as much as you want from those who have the scene you need. For example, you can have pussy or anal sex during your routine or via the prostitution side quest.

To help you, here is a table with each title discovered (or not) and best way to trigger the scene they ask

Achievement Description Tip
Sex hobby Sex experience over 100 time required just play, you will have sex more than enough
??? Sex experience over 1000 time required just play, you will have sex more than enough
Anal sex hobby Anal Sex experience over 100 time required do anal sex during night routine (you will also have plenty of anal sex during the game)
??? Anal Sex experience over 1000 time required do anal sex during night routine (you will also have plenty of anal sex during the game)
??? Masturbation experience over 100 time required The only way we found to masturbate until now is to go to bed with less than 10 sp. use your skills to heal hp and mp until you got 0 SP
??? Masturbation experience over 1000 time required The only way we found to masturbate until now is to go to bed with less than 10 sp. use your skills to heal hp and mp until you got 0 SP
Sperm drinking hobby sperm dringking over 100 time required Do prostitution or go to beast land and have fun with dogs or your master.
Sperm addiction sperm dringking over 1000 time required Do prostitution or go to beast land and have fun with dogs or your master.
??? Incontinence experience over 100 time required theres no much incontinence scenes until now. The only one we found is when you got raped by zombies in jail in Ganon line.
??? Incontinence experience over 1000 time required theres no much incontinence scenes until now. The only one we found is when you got raped by zombies in jail in Ganon line.
??? Golden Shower experience over 100 time required no golden shower scene until now
??? Sperm Shower experience over 1000 time required The only sperm shower scene we found is when you suck Owen under his desk, choose the option where he cum on your face.
??? Sadism experience over 100 time required to the end of the Owen & Charles NTR sidequest, when you go to Owen house during night, choose to be alone with Owen and you will have some sadism scenes
??? Sadism experience over 1000 time required to the end of the Owen & Charles NTR sidequest, when you go to Owen house during night, choose to be alone with Owen and you will have some sadism scenes
??? Masochism experience over 100 time required You will have some Masochism scene in the Divine Beast Line
??? Masochism experience over 1000 time required You will have some Masochism scene in the Divine Beast Line
??? Exhibition experience over 100 time required no exhibition scene until now
??? Exhibition experience over 1000 time required no exhibition scene until now
Milk Slave Milk Producing experience over 100 time required milk yourself after giving birth to King Worm
??? Milk Producing experience over 1000 time required no milk producing experience until now (no, Melissa's scene doesnt count)
??? Lesbian experience over 100 time required Spare Owen in Charles & Owen NTR sidequest and go see him with Leah (talk to Alford)
??? Lesbian experience over 1000 time required Spare Owen in Charles & Owen NTR sidequest and go see him with Leah (talk to Alford)
Host Birth Giving experience over 100 time required give birth to King Worm
??? Birth Giving experience over 1000 time required no birth giving scene until now
??? Ejaculation experience over 100 time required the only scene where you ejaculate is when you got futanarisation scene with Melissa's experience
??? Ejaculation experience over 100(0?) time required the only scene where you ejaculate is when you got futanarisation scene with Melissa's experience
??? Pee drinking experience over 100 time required no pee drinking scene until now
??? Pee drinking experience over 1000 time required no pee drinking scene until now
??? Sperm Collecting experience over 100 time required no sperm collecting experience scene until now
??? Sperm Collecting experience over 1000 time required no sperm collecting experience scene until now

Royal Courses[edit]

Each time you start a new day in the castle, you will attend to a new course. This is not really a sidequest but it will suit better in this section since we have a lot of thing to tell about it.
There is 3 kind of royal course : Ettiquette (Empire history) manners (swordsmanship, ride then moral speech) and magic. Each day, you will have to do a new course in this order : history, magic, swordsmanship.
History course will just waste your day but you can't escape it.
Magic will give you the mage stuff for the first lesson. After the 3rd lesson, you will gain one MA point per lesson. After the last "ride lesson", you will enhance Magic Defense.
Manners will start by swordmanship where you will gain soldier stuff (without the sword) for the first lesson. For the second lesson, you will gain Frost Angel (the sword) and one Attack point. Once you got 3 atk points, you will start Ride lessons for 3 lessons where you will gain Def points. After this, you will have manner lessons.

A special event will occur for the first "magic deffense" lesson : you will surprise Alford who fap on your clothes. you will have two choices who will influence your relation with him :
You can forgive him, so you will become his secret lover and have sex during your next lessons (it will give you some xp for your basic form)
Or not forgive him.... it wont trigger anything during next lessons AND you will be forced to have the Owen End in the Charles & Owen NTR sidequest if you do it.

Living Doll[edit]

The Living Doll is not really a quest but a Statut who can affect some dialogues, moreover for Sidequests. This is why we put it before present sidequests.

To trigger the living doll, you must go to the northeast zone to the capital's city and you can't do this until you finish the Ganon line. Check the deadend in to the right of the northeast house (the one you can sneak for steal/rape people. You will trigger a scene where Ross's ghost will curse you.

Like we said, the curse will affect some dialogues for some sidequests. Here ise a non exhaustive list :
- Talk to a male NPC in the City during Day will trigger a prostitution scene (Prostitution sidequest)
- You wont be able to ask help to Owen (Prostitution sidequest)
- For your fifth day with Skooma dealer, you wont be able to refuse to serve him, even if he wont pay you with gold (Skooma Sidequest)

If you want to remove the Living Doll curse, go talk to the Father in the church. This will cost you 5 000 G.
Note that if you remove the curse, you can reactivate it by going back to the ghost in the same zone than before

Prostitution and Jeane's slavery[edit]

We put two things in the same sidequest because they are kinda Linked.

First thing, the prostitution permission. To get it, you have two method :
- First one : if you want to do Jeane's slavery sidequest part too, you have to save her without pay her debt (by checking the circle in front of Pink Lady Club after you hadn't request Ferdinand help).
- Second one : if you saved Jeane by another method (ask Ferdinand help or fully pay her debt by yourself), go get the Living Doll Curse after the Ganon Castle line, then talk to Jeane during night (choose "chat" option). She will talk about her prostitution permission. Go to Ferdinand House and you got it !

Now let's talk about Jeane's Slavery sidequest : as said before, you have to save Jeane without pay her debt. After Ganon Castle's event, go in accessory shop during day to trigger a scene. When you try to go out, you will be caught. You will gain a Prostitution Permission and you will have to pay Jeane's debt. You have 7 days to do this (don't panic ! everything will be fine !)

To gain money, you have 3 options :
- Standard method : (steal in houses, sell items, etc).
- prostitute (need fall/corruption>500 or Living Doll curse). See the next paragraph to more details.
- Work in pink lady during night (thats right, debts are merged).

When you prostitute, you will gain more or less G according to which tarif you choose. When you begin, you will only have 250 G tarif. After some experience, you will be able to gain 500, then 1000, then 2000 (you gain street whore sex title with this) and finnally 5000. The more exepensive tarif you choose, the more sex you will have and the more you will be exhausted. To give an idea, you can have five 250G scenes per day or one 2000g scene. If Sofia is exhausted, she will sleep until the night then go back to the Castle.

During night, you can go to Pink Lady Club and work as usual. Your gain will depend to how many SP you gave (the more is the better. To give an idea, 200 SP produce a "good quality wine") and how many clients take your wine (totally random I guess).

Each day, you can go to the Pink Lady Club in order to give money to your master and please him (or just please him). Pleasing your master will reset your 7 day delay, so go see him at least once per week.

If you dont want be bothered with this quest, you can also ask to Owen to help you (chinese speach) but you wont be able if you have the Living Doll curse. You can remove it at the church for 5 000 G. Once it done, talk to Owen. This man accept to buy the Slavery Contract and want to give to « Sofia ». Of Course, this is not in your interest to let your double know that you had troubles. You will have 3 options
- Owen will give it to you the next day (so Jeane will know what you did)
- The second option will give you a date with owen during night (your corruption/fall must be above 200 or else it wont be available)
- Give up and continue to act as a slave

Skooma Addiction[edit]

Quest note : Avoid to skip H scene because it will prevent you to progress in this story (according to the update note)

To trigger this quest, you need to be able to prostitute for 2 000 G. Talk to the blond man in the Inn and do a 2 000 service to him. Sofia will notice that she was drugged.
Second day, talk to him again, he will pay you 10 000 Gold this time.
Third day, Talk to him again, you will gain 10 000 gold
Fourth day, talk to him. He will add a bottle of skooma to your pay
Fifth day, talk to him. He « cannot » pay you with gold, but only with skooma... but only if you have corruption/fall over 2 000 OR if you are under Living Doll curse (choose leave option and Living Doll will trigger)

… to be continued (the quest is not complete right now)

Divine Artifacts Collection[edit]

This is not a quest, but.... Like in Cursed Armor I (in Easy mode), there's invisible chests who contain Divine Artifact. Actually, they are in the same spots. That said, if Artifacts protected you from some effects you may encounter in game in Cursed armor I, this time, you will have "Unknown Divine Artifact" each time. This item will give you one more chance if you encounter a bad end : Wolf God Child will take you an artifact and wont count your 3 chances. That said, theres a Divine Artifact called "eye of the void" you can have in the Relic Line : in the Succubi King's room, on the left of Beryl's room, theres a little spot with a purple thing : it contain this item who allow you to see invisible chest once activated. If you use it, you will see chests and it will help you to find artifacts. Here is a list of available chests (remember : this is invisible chests, you will bump on it and just have to press space bar to open it, unless you have the eye of void)
- Torres City, behind the Arena (take the path to the left, the chest is near to the well).
- Anvil City, in Lilina's house. To reach it, you need to do the relic line : hiller will give you Caban key who open Lilina's house. This house is behind the teleport stone. The Artifact is in crates.
- Empire's Ruin. There is 3 divine artifacts in the same room. To reach those artifacts, you need to get the fire essence. You can reach it in relic line, when you come get the gem of Darkness with Hiller. In the Gem room, check the inscription to use the Fire Essence, you will be teleported in a room where you find some gold, a Mandragora fruits and another inscription who grant you Fire immunity. Between torchs, there's 3 invisible chest who contain an artifact per chest.

Charles & Owen NTR[edit]

To trigger this quest, there's two conditions : you must finish Ganon Castle line (and start Dark Witch Line in consequence) and you must progress in your "Dailies lessons" until you choose what to do with Alford (forgive him or not... be careful, if you dont forgive him, there will be consequences in this sidequest !). After this, chat with Jeane during night, she will talk to you about a "milk merchant".

Go to the southest of the City, you will see Alford Son. Talk to him. You will have to fight a powerfull monster. The fight is not hard at all because.... well you cant loose : if you have 0 hp and sp, you will turn in your undead form with some more HP and SP so fight untill the end... that said, the ennemy will recover all his HP too so be carreful. Once you beat her and after the scene, go back to your bedroom. Next night, go see Charles to the inn where you left him previous night. Next day, go talk to Owen. During night, go to Owen's house talk to him. Then, go talk to Charles. You will have to accept or decline to date with Charles.
- The "refuse Charles love" .... for the moment, we HIGHLY reccomend you to not do this because the path is blocked : Wolfzq wont finish this line before he reached 3000 patreon subscribers so if you want to finish the sidequest, no matter the end, dont refuse Charles love right now.
- You accept

No matter your choice, the following part will be the same, it's just some Charles dialogue who will change. Next day, go talk to the king, then go to your bedroom to trigger a scene, then go talk to Owen. During night, go talk to Charles in front of the inn. Next day, go talk to Owen. Then go to his house during night.

Next Day, you will have a scene. Go date with Charles during night. (note : if you rejected Charles love, you cant see him during night)
The next scene will trigger the day you should have a lesson with Alford (Royal Ettiquette). Go talk to Owen. (note : if you rejected Charles love, you will be stucked here).
Next day, you will have a looooooong scene

You will finally end this scene after a sex scene with Charles. Go to bed. Next Day, after the scene, you wont have choice if you want to progress in your sidequest : go to Owen's office and accept to break with Charles (choose "Obey Owen" option). Then Go talk to Charles during night.

Next Day, go talk to Owen, then go to his house during night. Next day, go talk to Owen, then go see Charles during night.

Next Day, talk to Owen during day and go to his house during night. Follow the same pattern next day (talk to Owen during day, go to his house during night).

There will have a scene the next day and you will have a brand new Curse : the Immorality Curse. Croncretly, each time you got NTR, your shame and lust will rise. You should be able to leave this curse in the church (for.... 50 000 G !) but you cant do this as long as the sidequest is over.

Go see Charles during night. Next day, a scene will trigger.

Go to the inn during night, in Owen's room. Do this three nights in a row until you'll have to do a choice with Charles. : give him the anti-love potion or not.
If you refuse to give him, you'll follow the Alford and Charles family way (more info later since we didnt used this way already.) BUT if you rejected Alford before you triggered this sidequest, this option wont work and you'll be forced to give him the anti love potion.

  • If you give the anti-love potion, you will be submitted by Owen. In this situation :

- You cant remove the Immorality Curse
- You can trigger two more sex scenes with Owen in his house during night (go talk to him in his office during day and choose "need to think about mariage", then accept to serve him
- You can trigger "Owen Good End" if you choose to marry him (go to his office and accept mariage)... but even if this is a "good end", considere it as a bad one since this trigger the "Wolf God Child" scene, more information here. This end will grant you Lord Lady's Identity (HP+20)and Owen's love sex title (MP+20)

  • If you dont give the anti-love potion, you will trigger a long scene where you get the sex title "Hamilton Family's Woman (MP+20)

Next day, go talk to Owen to have a date at his house during night. You should also talk to Charles in square district (southwest of the city) during this same night. You will have to spend some days (spend night with Alford and Charles then Owen if you want) until - finally - a scene trigger after you daily lesson (you will have to be REALLY patient, around 10 days). Alford will give you a Resurection potion. Spend this night with Owen. You will have a choice : revive him or not.

- Not revive Owen : Owen die, you give back the potion to Alford and gain the key of Hamilton Mansion and crystal earrings. You can now remove Imorality curse... if you are able to spend 50 000 G. Also, Charles is now the guild master. During night, you can go do Hamilton Mansion to have sex.
- Revive Owen : Same thing that not revive him, but his alive. During day, after your daily lesson, dont go back to your bedroom already, go talk to Alford in his office. Spend some days until Sofia think about Owen before you talk to Jeane after your daily lesson. Select "go", then go talk to Alford to his office. Select "go" once again. After the scene, you will be able to explore the zone. A chest contain 5 tranquilizer. if you talk again to Alford after a lesson, you can come back. (note : theres a scene who wont occure because we need to reach 3 000 patreons. Please, if it's not already done, support the patreon page)