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Special Attributes (or Hidden Attributes in Cursed Armor I) are specials stats affected by H scenes. Some of them have consequences in game (allow you or not to have some Scenes or Endings or use somme Sex Spells) but they also allow you to unlock Titles.

In Cursed Armor I, Titles have no value except to gain the right to use some spells.

Here is a list for each games and how influence stats

Attribute Description How to raise/reduce it
Repute Reputation in guild, no effect in game actually Do guild quests
Fall How much Lilina love sex. Raise :Do sex. Reduce : new game +, there is an option (corruption option)
Masochism How much Lilina love masochism. No effect Raise : do maso scenes (the best way is Torres or H scenes with your companions)
God power This stat is for slave line : how much John's divine artefact affect you Raise : have sex with John. Reduce : have no sex with him for a long period (try to sleep out of your cell during night)
Charm Lilina's charm. How much is he attractive use Essences of Semen Aquarius
Curse Cursed Armor's influence on Lilina. The more she's cursed, the more she can use her powers Can be raised by sex or reboot in new game +
Shame Lilina's Shame. The lower is the stat, the lower she's pure (can allow her to walk without any clothes without be excited, for example) Lowered by sex. Can be reboot in new game +
Reason Lilina's Moral sense. No effect Lowered by sex. Can be reboot to 5000 in new game +
Maternal Lilina's maternal instinct. No effect give birth to enhance it (be raped by monsters, do Wind lesson's in magical academy line), abort to reduce it (choose abort option when you use the give birth/abort spell)
Submission Lilina's submission. Enhanced by sex where she's not the dominant (a lot of scenes actually) or reset in new game + (obedience)
Lust Lilina's desire to have sex. Over 5000, she's in estrus +100 Per day, vibrator used 1mp/s and increases lust, use philtre or skooma to enhance it, have sex or masturbate yourself to reduce it
Sadism Lilina's sadism We know only one way : Train Sarah in Torres City.
Sexual power how many SP you got have sex and use semen absorption to raise it, use sexual spells to lower it. Best way is to increase lust (vibrator from futa line), enter estrus, have sex with people in church then leave and enter, repeat.
Sex account How much sex scenes you triggered Do sex !
Milking account how many time you milked use milking spell (must be defeated by treant)
Exhibitionism count How many exhibitionism scenes you triggered Torres or Light lessons in academy
Analsex count how many anal sex you got lot of sex scenes. Best way still the brother in torres since you can choose this kind of scenes with clients but even without this.. or sex with guildmaster
Urination count how many time you pee Best way is after magical academy event : you got irretention suggestion which make lilina pee each time she cum
Yuri count Yuri scenes triggered Best way is futa spell and rape a woman in street
Oral count how many time you sucked Some Sex Scenes, the best way still Torres's brothel
Scat count How many time you have to poo in H scenes best (and only?) way is Prison's punishment : if you don't do your job, you will have to poo in the garden
Exploit count  ?  ?
Masturbation count How many time you masturbate Use masturbation skill
Orgasm count How many time you came just have sex
In vivo milk Milk you have in your tits Be defeated by treant to activate lactation, then wait. It will be reboot if you use the lactation spell or lowered if parasites suck your breast
Titfuck count how many times men played with your breast Torres brothel is the best way
shot count how many time you used your penis and came use futa spell and have sex with a woman
Intrauterine sperm sperm in your womb. Determine SP you will gain with semen absorption spell have sex with man to raise this stat. If you have too many sperm, you will lower it when you sleep. Can also be lowered if you have a parasite on your vagina or reboot it with semen absorption skill
Swallow count how many time you swallow during a fellatio some sex scenes, Torres brothel is the best way
Birth count how many time you gave birth de defeated by monsters to potentially become pregnant and give birth. Best way still earth magic lessons since you give birth for each lesson. After magical academy, just fight monsters alone and skip turns until they rape you and make you pregnant, then use « give birth » spell
urine bath count how many time you toke golden shower water magic lessons is the best way since golden showers are uncommon scenes in the game
Urophagia count How many time you drink pee The only way is to be slaves of Unicorn ranch : each day, you have a meal and unicorn pee, take it (warning, your sp will drop to 0 !
sperm bath count how many time men came on your body some H scenes. Best way still brothel