Special Attributes (Cursed Amor II)

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Special Attributes are specials stats affected by H scenes. Earning a title raise your max SP gauge (+10 for each title)

Attribute Description Howe to Raise/reduce it
Shame Sofia's shame. Start to 5000 (consequences unknown right now) Have sex scenes to reduce it
Fall Sofia's corruption. it seems that having a high Fall stat enlight the tattoo. no more info about this. Prostitution
Infamy Infamy stats, how much do you don't care about law ? Steal purple item (the more expensive is the item you steal, the more infamy you gain)
Sanity Mental Sanity. Start to 5000 (consequences unknown right now) Decrease with sex when raped
Charm no explanation for now /
Bounty no explanation for now /
Lust no explanation for now /
Maternity Maternity stat, raise when Sofia got pregnant Worm nest allow to raise maternity
Submission Submission stats raised when raped, raised in Beast Lady part
Divinity no explanation for now /
Sex how many time you had sex have sex
Milking Each time Sofia is Milking after you gave birth, you have the "swollen breast" statut. you can use the sex spell "milking" to remove this statut and raise Milking
Golden Shower no explanation for now /
Anal Sex how many time you had anal do anal sex when you rape during night
Incontinence How many time you Pee during sex be raped by zombies in the jail (defeat when you come for the first time)
Exhibition no explanation for now /
Masturbation How many time you masturbate Masturbation is triggered when you go to sleep without enough SP to transform
Excretion How many time you pooped Pink Lady club scenes
Sadism How many time you tortured your partner Owen roleplay scene or Owen in bedroom at the end of Owen NTR sidequest
oral job How many time you sucked Ganon Castle or Prostitution
Climax How many time you came do sex
Masochism How many time you had maso scenes Ganon Castle scenes, Pink Lady club
Breast job no explanation for now /
Ejaculation no explanation for now /
Lesbian Each time you have sex with a woman have sex with Yuuka when you train with her
Pee drinking no explanation for now /
birth giving each time you give birth go in worm nest and breed
Lust releasing no explanation for now /
Sperm drinking Swallow sperm when your partner ejaculate Prostitution, please your master (Jeane's slavery sidequest), go prostitute or be fed in Beast Lady part
Sperm shower no explanation for now /