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This page is for Tips, Tricks and everything can help player in Cursed Armor II

  • If the first game was a simple RPG, this one is an Action RPG : you fight ennemies while you move and you use spells. If you dont have a qwerty keyboard, you should go one option menu change key configuration.
  • 0.7 version add the "difficulty" level. The difficulty change 3 points: the exp you earn (200% in easy, 100% in normal, 50% in hard), the ennemy speed (slow in easy, normal in normal and hard) and the maze complexity (The only change we saw until now is the number of floors you have to cross in Ganon Caslte, more informations will come further). Further infos when the final version will be released. You can choose the difficulty level when you start a new game/new game +
  • If you fight in a witch form, you will automatically spend 10 SP to restore HP or MP in case of need. If you fall to 0 HP and ran out of SP, you will loose the fight (if you are in basic form, SP cant be spend like this so 0HP = you loose the fight). You can also manually restore your HP/MP with SP via the Skill menu (Z button)
  • You start with 3 rare item for change the interface and trigger the joystick utilisation. One of the more interesting feature is the option who show HP, MP and SP on the screen (like in CA I).
  • Each Sofia's form (basic, Spirit witch, etc) have his own level you must enhance individually. You can gain EXP by fight ennemies and have sex.
  • the more you do lewd sex, the more you gain SP and Exp : masutrbation give the less exp/SP, vaginal sex with cumshot INSIDE the vagina give the more exp and SP.
  • You cannot use potions in witch form, you can only use them in basic form. Howver, you can use Crystalization of Soul in witch form only to gain SP.
  • If you have less than 10 SP when you go to sleep, Lilina will masturbate to gain some SP and EXP for human form
  • Like in previous game, there is a "memorandum". this time, you can check it in the "Quest" menu. Use it when you dont know where to go.
  • You will see two kinds of sparks in your journey. Yellow and purple. Sparks marks item you can get. Purple one mark an item you cannot get without consequences : you steal it ! Steal an item will increase "infamy" stat. the more the item is rare and expensive, the more you will gain Infamy. Until now, we dont know what impact this stat will have. But dont hesitate to click on a purple spark to see which item is : you still have the choice to steal it or not and (unless you choose to steal it) it wont increase your infamy
  • Like in the previous game, you wont earn gold by fight. To gaine some gold, you can :

- Steal gold or items (purple spark) and sell them in a shop. Remember that Steal an item increase Infamy.
- Earn some gold by Prostitution (see Prostitution part on the quest line page)

  • Ending system was enhanced in this game : reaching a "bad end" will Give you the choice between 3 options :

- go back before the moment you trigger the bad end (you can do it three time in a row, after the 3rd time, you will have to pick the second option)
- Start a New game + (you keep items and level from your previous run)
- Go back to the main menu